Sunday, July 17, 2011


  1. Who has access to this PayPal account? I had raised a little bit of money after my semester in Kenya, but its hard to ask people for money when you can't tell them exactly who is going to be taking it to Shirazi. Is there any way to set up a PayPal for Jamal or just SIT in general? I think people would be more comfortable donating then.

  2. I have been to this clinic and run a student org on my campus who is interested in donating $1,500 dollars to this project. My problem is the same as Ashlie's, I need to know who is in charge of this account and exactly where the money is going. I will be in Shirazi in December.

  3. Hi Rob and Ashlie,

    My name is Teresa and I studied abroad in Kenya with SIT this past spring semester. I volunteered to organize fundraising for the Shirazi clinic.

    I'm thrilled that the two of you have stumbled upon this website because so far only students from my semester and their friends have donated.

    I will eventually send the money by money transfer to Jamal Omar, one of SIT Kenya's academic directors. He will then give the money to Thabiti who is overseeing the money part of the project.

    If you want to contact Thabiti directly here's his information:

    (Thabiti, also known as Sabiti, is also the regional homestay coordinator for SIT.. so, if you studied abroad in Bodo or Shirazi you know who he is)

    You can either donate the money to this site or physically give it to Thabiti yourself.

    I'm freaking jealous you're going to Shirazi in December.

    - Teresa

  4. Hello, is this blog still in use? I studied with SIT Kenya in Fall, 2009, when the Shirazi clinic project first began. A classmate of mine did her ISP on a feasibility study and community organization work for the Shirazi Clinic.

    I did some fundraising at home and flew back to Shirazi the following summer (on a grant from my school) to help the Dispensary Committee get the building started.

    I would love to talk to you about the future of the dispensary. I think that with a small group of us fundraising as of a team, with a clear goal, etc., we could make a serious difference. We used this SIT fund for most of our fundraising:

    I believe that Jamal is the only one with access to it.